Google Pixelbook Go – Lightweight Chromebook Laptop – Up to 12 Hours Battery Life[1] – Touch Screen – Just Black

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  • Pixelbook Go lets you stay unplugged for up to 12 hours [1] so you don’t need to carry a charger; when you do need a charge, get up to 2 hours of battery use in just 20 minutes so you can keep going [2]
  • Lightweight Chromebook laptop that’s barely 2 pounds and 13 millimeter thin with a grippable design making it easier to carry[3]
  • Protects your data passwords, and information with the Titan C security chip and built-in antivirus software; Chrome OS updates automatically to give you the latest features and security [4]
  • Starts up in seconds so it’s always ready when you are; the 8th Gen Intel Core Processor is quick and responsive powering everything you do[5]
  • Pixelbook Go is a quiet and comfortable laptop with a backlit keyboard ultra quiet keys, and and a spacious touchpad that only needs a light touch
  • Get amazing picture and sound with the brilliant HD touchscreen display and dual stereo speakers so you can watch movies edit photos, or video chat with the 1080p webcam
  • Please refer to the product description section below for all applicable legal disclaimers denoted by the bracketed numbers in the preceding bullet points (e.g. [1], [2], etc.)
  • This Google Product features the Google Seal for Online Marketplace when purchased from a seller other than Amazon.

Specification: Google Pixelbook Go – Lightweight Chromebook Laptop – Up to 12 Hours Battery Life[1] – Touch Screen – Just Black

Standing screen display size

‎13.3 Inches

Screen Resolution

‎1920 x 1080 pixels

Max Screen Resolution

‎1920 x 1080 Pixels





Memory Speed

‎1.3 GHz

Hard Drive

‎128 GB SSD

Graphics Coprocessor

‎Intel UHD Graphics

Chipset Brand


Card Description


Wireless Type


Average Battery Life in hours

‎12 Hours




‎Pixelbook Go

Item model number


Hardware Platform


Operating System

‎Chrome OS

Item Weight

‎2.33 pounds

Product Dimensions

‎0.57 x 12.25 x 8.12 inches

Item Dimensions LxWxH

‎0.57 x 12.25 x 8.12 inches


‎Just Black

Processor Brand


Number of Processors


Computer Memory Type


Hard Drive Interface


Optical Drive Type

‎No Optical Drive

Power Source

‎Battery Powered


‎3.7 Volts


‎1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

5 reviews for Google Pixelbook Go – Lightweight Chromebook Laptop – Up to 12 Hours Battery Life[1] – Touch Screen – Just Black

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  1. Stevie

    While I have used Google Chrome extensively, I have never used a Chromebook until I got this. Have to say I absolutely love it, and it may replace my Macbook 12″ as my preferred traveling computing device. 99% of what I use any computer for would be internet surfing & shopping, organizing photos, email, spreadsheets and word docs, videos, and media like Netflix or Amazon Prime, or managing home apps like Nest. You can easily do all of that on this device.

    I bought the base configuration with the m3 processor and 8 GB RAM.

    1. Outstanding build quality – extremely solid, lightweight (maybe 2.3 lbs), NO body flex at all, and I really like the ribbed backside which seems less slippery than, say, my Macbooks. Very thin, and will easily fit into a laptop bag as a secondary computer if you travel (I travel for work).
    2. Base m3/8 GB memory configuration seems very snappy and responsive. I cannot imagine needing an i5 or i7, which seem like overkill to me for this device. The m3 version should be more than adequate for the vast majority of users.
    3. Boot-up is extremely quick, just a few seconds. After initial setup, which was very easy and quick and entirely guided, your Google password (same one you use for your gmail) will be your log-on password.
    4. Screen is very clear and bright, and setting the slider several notches below highest brightness should be very satisfying for most people. The 1080p screen is very clear and sharp. I don’t think you’ll need the high-res screen, but if you do, you can only get it with the expensive i7 version.
    5. Apps are easy to install, and things like Microsoft office apps, including Excel and Word, are available in the Google Play store, In fact, upon launching Excel and signing in with my Microsoft ID, all of my MS Office docs were immediately available even without installing One Drive.
    6. Keyboard, speakers, and track pad are all top-notch and very comparable to what you’d find in any Apple offering. Key travel and softness are outstanding, one of the best keyboards I have used anywhere with accurate keystrokes.
    7. Terrific integration – all of your Google Chrome bookmarks, apps, passwords, etc will immediately be ported over to this unit. If you’ve installed apps via Google Play on other devices, such as I did on my Samsung tablet, I was prompted to automatically install all of them here, including a bunch of games. Real time saver.
    8. Learning curve on how to operate this device was very quick. Most functions are intuitive and a couple searches on the internet taught me how to perform functions I wasn’t familiar with.

    1. During setup or some forms of heavy use, you can feel a lot of heat on the bottom center of the unit towards the hinge with the keyboard. The heat issue seems to dissipate in normal use.
    2. No SD card slot, so any external storage will have to be via a USB-C connection. The MS Surface laptops and even the Samsung laptops have nicely concealed micro-SD card slots for easily adding permanently-attached and hidden storage, which you cannot do with this. This device does have two USB-C connectors, one on each side.
    3. The base 64 GB storage seems lacking, and would be nice if Google had made its base configuration 128 GB, or at least if they’d offered a 128 GB option for a reasonable price without being forced to move to an i5 processor, which to me seems unnecessary in this device, at least for my use.

    I have not experienced flickering, WiFi connectivity issues, etc as have been mentioned in some of the reviews. The device has been rock solid in terms of usability and connectivity.

    All in all, a great device that feels a lot more like a “real laptop” and a viable competitor to an Apple or MS device than I thought it would. You are not roped into using Google apps, and in fact can us MS Office apps just as you would on a Mac or Surface. I really like this little machine, and it’s thin, lightweight, yet strong design with solid battery life make it a great travel companion.

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  2. Logan Rogers

    Fantastic piece of hardware. Yes, you pay for it, but I have never owned anything this nice. From keyboard to trackpad to display to speakers, every bit of it is top notch. And if you’re like me, you’ll appreciate the matte black finish. My only annoyance is that the cable that came with it is white…. But I can get over that. If you’re OK with not having a convertible form factor (but still having a touch screen) this is the best Chromebook available.

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  3. Logan Rogers

    So this is my first time buying a Chromebook and I’m not going to lie for the price it’s actually worth it. It runs smooth no hiccups no nothing the only thing I can say is that I wish the screen was sharper it’s only 166ppi
    In my opinion it should be at least 250 and up but it’s not a deal-breaker for the screen it is still pretty good. if the screen was sharper I would give it a complete five out of five but because of the screen I’m knocking it down half a point so 4.5/5

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  4. bilibili

    If it was a Windows laptop I would give it 5 stars without any complaint. Even if it takes $200 more expensive to be Windows compatible I would still give it 5 stars.

    Good screen. Good Keyboard. Great speakers. Good build quality. Great portability. Great battery life.
    This chromebook is really thoughtfully designed. There are so many details that have been taken care of. If you are a electronic geek you will feel it. It’s not just another Chromebook. The quality and design justifies the price. Some people may say, at such price you can buy a windows laptop with better specs. That is not all true. You can buy a windows laptop with powerful CPU, higher SSD capacity, but not so lightweight and portable. If a windows laptop is so portable and still more powerful, it price would be above CAD$1200.

    However, it is still a Chromebook. The limitation of chromeOS makes me unable to give 5 stars. Let alone the lack of “photography retouch softwares” which most people complain about. It lacks some more essential software support. For example, a full-function microsoft Office. Some documents are messed if they are opened in google docs or microsoft office web version, they can only be properly processed in a Windows/Mac microsoft office. There is not a full-function Adobe PDF reader either. Sometimes a PDF needs to be validated to generate a barcode and only windows/mac adobe reader can do this. ChromeOS is so crippled that it can only be used for “light entertainment “, and Google does not want to change this status. It seems google wants to distinguish ChromeOS from anything else, but in a bad way. ChromeOS has been out for 10 years and is still a joke. I recently found a bug that the touchscreen become offset when there is a drop-down menu on the webpage. I’ll update with pictures if I have time.

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  5. Fred S.

    Stadia is always an option. It’s just that I can run Red Dead Redemption 2 on a ZTE smartphone with 2gb of RAM from 2017 just as well as the Pixelbook Go.

    As far as everything else?

    It’s too bad I don’t have a stronger history of writing reviews because it’s not very often that I find myself with a tech device that seemingly scratches every itch without almost instantly getting significantly outclassed by a newer and (most annoyingly) CHEAPER rival. After all my due diligence, I often end up looking like a typical iPhone mark who just paid $1200 for a replacement because my speakers got water damaged and “it would be cheaper to just buy a new unit then having us repair this one and NO you may not borrow and/or buy our proprietary EVERYTHING (repair manuals, screwdrivers, ancient relics) required just so you can switch out that noisy fan at home cause we geniuses have families to feed damnit!”

    Er.. sorry about that. Where was I..?

    Oh yeah, the battery life in my Pixelbook is incredible and I never find myself adjusting the monitor brightness from my previous adjustment which was likely made completely arbitrarily and very likely in the + direction since I’m used to having to do this away from minimum brightness to finish most projects without the battery draining

    There’s enough RAM that even under heavy use of above average resource requirement Apps I haven’t seen enough slowdown to the point they it consciously registered in my awareness.

    Speakers are fine and I would recommend using your own wireless keyboard and mouse even though the built in default keys are soft, quiet and totally fine to use when in your leaner mobile sessions.

    Regarding the concept of such beastly specs overall, I loved it the moment when I first heard about it and further, I continue loving the whole idea of Chrome OS and the direction Alphabet is taking things. It’s even that much better now that you can install the vast majority of APKs.

    Stadia sessions of Red Dead Redemption 2 are silky smooth though I still prefer my TV for a definitive Stadia experience and my Galaxy S20 is more likely to receive the go-ahead as mobile Stadia finds its way into the idle gaming rotation.

    I would like to emphasize the significance of my only serious complaint being the ports where Google appeared to simply say “Here’s 2 USB-C’s, now go f*** yourself.” I had this easily remedied out of the box with the purchase of a solid USB-C hub though the lack of options still creeps up to ]&now and then to slow everything down while I sub in and out the necessary peripheral and also when I find myself moving around a lot. I can’t imagine this decision didn’t have something to do with performance and space utilization within cause there’s no good excuse otherwise.

    Overall 4.5/5

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